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VDE-AR-N 4120:2015-01 Technical requirements for the connection and operation of customer installations to the high-voltage network (TCC High-Voltage) (Download)

Artikelnummer: 892
Kurzbeschreibung October 2015


This VDE application guide specifies the Technical Connection Conditions (TCC; ge: Technische Anschluss-bedingungen, TCC) for planning, erection, operation and modification of customer installations (demand facilities and power generating plants) which are connected to a network operator’s high-voltage public electricity network at the network connection point.

In this VDE application guide, the high-voltage network is considered to be a 110 kV three-phase AC system with a nominal frequency of 50 Hz. For other nominal voltages in the high-voltage range (60 kV to 150 kV), the given values have to be used and adapted if neces-sary.

This VDE application guide also applies where the customer installation’s connection is in a non-public medium-voltage network and where this medium-voltage network is connected to the public high-voltage network (grid) via transformers and connection cables.

Sprache englisch
Veröffentlichungsdatum 01.10.2015
Publikationart Technische Anschlussregeln