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VDE-Study "Energy storage in power supply systems with a high share of renewable energy sources" (Print)

Artikelnummer: 807
Kurzbeschreibung Significance, state of the art, need for action
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This study concentrates essentially on the use of storage facilities in electrical energy supply systems. There is an urgent need to act here on account of two major challenges facing society: a) to achieve greater independence from imports of primary energy sources, and b) to comply with the contractual obligations ensuing from the Kyoto Protocol for drastic reductions in carbon emissions. Together with improving the efficiency of power generation and consumption, this results in particular in the need to make greater use of the country‘s own renewable energy sources.

Herausgeber: VDE ETG Energietechnik
Sprache englisch
Veröffentlichungsdatum 01.12.2008
Publikationart Studie