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VDE-Study "The cellular Approach"

Quick overview The basis of successful, cross-regional energy transition
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The energy concept of the Federal German Government was adopted on September 28, 2010 [1]. This date is generally considered to signal the start of the "German energy transition", although the wheels had already been set in motion in 1990 with the Electricity Feed-in Act and in 2000 with the Renewable Energies Act. Five months later, immediately after the nuclear accident in Fukushima on 11 March 2011, further far-reaching decisions were taken with regard to the phase-out of nuclear energy. The time horizon of the objectives up to the year 2050 shows the consequences of the change in energy policy.

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Picture of VDE-Studie "Der Zellulare Ansatz" (Download)
VDE-Studie "Der Zellulare Ansatz" (Download)
Grundlage einer erfolgreichen, regionenübergreifenden Energiewende
SKU: 622
Picture of VDE-Study "The cellular Approach" (Download)
VDE-Study "The cellular Approach" (Download)
The basis of successful, cross-regional energy transition
SKU: 896
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Publication Date 01.06.2015
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